The Mission

The mission of Chicago Code Camp is to provide a credible resource within the IT industry:

  • to learn about advancements in our field,
  • to share knowledge from our experiences, and
  • to develop valued relationships with our peers

What We Offer For You

As a day-long event, we are here to connect the talent and expertise within the Developer community of the Windy City. Discussions for the day have previously included development and trending topics in .net, java, open sourced frameworks, web, mobile, cloud, robotics, testing, soft skills, and more.

Location and more...

Entering its 31th year, Chicago Code Camp will now be held at Dominican University

It is a day to learn. It is a day to contribute. Please join us!

Want to help out?

Chicago Code Camp is run entirely on efforts of volunteers. We would love to have you join us in supporting the Chicago development community.

Open Talk - October '21 Code Camp Staff

Organized and run by a dedicated group of volunteers, we each contribute our own specialized skills and a shared passion for collaboration, in order to make this event happen! With 90 years of experience between us, we are intent on providing a day that filled with insights by subject matter experts.