Arthur Kay

Arthur is the CEO of Secure Web Solutions LLC, a niche software development and cybersecurity firm based in suburban Chicago-land. He is a full-time family man, part-time consultant and spare-time musician. He graduated from Loyola University Chicago and currently lives in greater Chicago-land. As a cybersecurity executive and software engineer with nearly 20 years of experience, I am obsessively focused on solving customer problems. Technical challenges certainly excite me, but providing value to the end user has always proved to be the best path towards success. As a team leader, I am driven to develop high-performing teams and am relentless in helping people do their best technical work. I am passionate about fostering a culture in which all team members can contribute and grow -- because when you create an incredible team, you'll create incredible things. Are you looking for a technical leader, mentor, or consultant? I'd love to talk about how I could help!