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The Trouble with Tribal (Knowledge)

Imagine--you've joined a software development team, you've settled in for your first production code change--only to be told "You're doing it wrong!" You missed a critical detail that--oops, we forgot to tell you! It's not your fault, really! It's not! Tribal knowledge, bad on-boarding, and nonexistent documentation can frustrate and hinder the even best of team members. At worst, it results in sloppy execution and poor quality outcomes. What's the answer? More documentation? A wiki? A knowledge base? Training? Code reviews? Checklists? This session explores real world scenarios taken from in-the-trenches experience. Learn multiple tools and techniques for capturing and sharing knowledge for maximum effectiveness. You'll uncover new approaches to breaking the "same old 'cycle-of-suck'!" Leave with a renewed vigor for collaboration and tools for taking your team to the next level.

100 - Beginner
Management Other Soft Skills/Business