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Building a Stronger Team, One Strength at a Time

Building the “perfect team” seems like an impossible task these days. Can a truly “cross-functional” team even be built? Seems like these days you practically need a degree in psychology to get this right. But you don’t. Over my past 6 years at Polaris, I’ve worked with clients to develop high performing agile teams. I’ve found that regardless of technology, structure, and focus (software development, marketing, sales), there are patterns to what makes teams successful, and what can hold them back from greatness. In this talk, I’ll walk through what we've learned about building strong teams including how to recognize psychological preferences and innate strengths, how to be a strong leader to support your team as the learn to become high performing together, and a quick review of a tool you can use for uncovering the strengths of your individual team members. Throughout the discussion, I'll share my own personal experiences and insights to help you learn how you can build stronger teams too!

200 - Intermediate
ALM Other Soft Skills/Business
Room 036