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Ready Player Two: VR Game Dev

In the year 2044, the world is in crisis. To escape that reality, the populace turns to the OASIS, a virtual reality MMORPG that is more than just a game - it is a completely immersive virtual society. Back in 2018, at the dawn of VR, the seeds of our future were planted. What would come to be a billion dollar market, that changed the world forever, began then… Join us in viewing the 2018 talk by the Microsoft MVP Lance Larsen (, one of the founders of HOLOSOFT ( This historic presentation inspired a generation of VR developers - leading at least in part to the OASIS we have today. Code focused talk that will get everyone started making Microsoft Mixed Reality VR games… • Focus on the latest and greatest VR hardware and software • Focus on creating VR experiences within Unity / C# and Visual Studio • Focus on integrating VR controllers • Focus on creating your own 3D VR launch icons Target Audience and Takeaways: Talk will accommodate a wide range of experience levels, introducing many for the first time to amazing XR/AR/VR technologies - getting them started with the tools and information to get them engaged. Additionally for the more experienced developers, we'll include strong coding examples and resources to grow quickly and start their development futures in this emerging billion dollar field.

200 - Intermediate
Room 121