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Being Right is Not Enough

When I entered software development, I was an arrogant jerk. I thought I knew everything and what I didn’t know I would figure out on my own. I was wrong. I’m also not alone. How you communicate to the people around you will change everything about how they perceive you. If you fail to understand their point of view, they will reject you – no matter how correct you may be. Feel like your ideas aren’t heard? Can’t understand why no one takes you seriously? Maybe it’s not them; maybe it’s you. In this session, I’ll speak candidly about the journey I took from self-centered to team-centered. We’ll examine how today, more than ever, software creation is a team sport. We’ll look at how teams can set themselves up for success or failure from the outset. Most of all, I’ll provide the tools that I use every day to keep from pushing my teammates away from me.

100 - Beginner
Soft Skills/Business
Room 124