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Rock the Boat, but Don’t Tip the Canoe. Affecting Positive Change on your Team.

Most of us work on a team. Our teams are made of lots of different personalities, skill and experience levels, and various roles and responsibilities of each member. They often experience conflict caused by these personalities; especially when our team changes. We may learn to operate with each other. Hopefully we get to a place where we even like our team and take joy in accomplishing work together. We could understand the people on our teams as fitting into one or more of the following: Grasshoppers, Impostors, Rockstars, Newcomers, or Incumbents. Change on a team can cause major problems. Changing members, organizational growth, and professional growth of members can all cause different kinds of tension. We'll take a look at how different personalities respond to different changes. Knowing your team, and acknowledging tensions caused by change can help us make the most of it. Together we'll learn how to rock the boat without tipping the canoe.

200 - Intermediate
Management Soft Skills/Business
Room 036