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You won’t believe what’s hidden in your data. How visualization transforms how you see information

No one questions that data is vital to your company or organization. The future wellbeing of your business could depend on the clues hidden inside the vast data stores in your data center. Some days, looking at the data opens your eyes to possibilities, yet another day the data is opaque and hard to parse. Often the only difference between these two results is the way the information is visualized and presented to your eyes. Choosing the correct visual representation of the data becomes vital. Do it wrong and the data is merely wrapped in pretty graphics; do it right and the information emerges in clear and meaningful patterns. This fast paced and entertaining session starts by looking at how your brain and optical system perceive data. Walt explores the overall visualization concepts that make data easier to grasp, and the best way to show data so that the information is clear and understandable.

100 - Beginner
Design (UI/UX/CSS)
Room 124