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Threat Model Express - Security In Your Software Development Cycle When You're Too Busy

Often, we're task to build fast and deploy fast. Its very hard to slow progress down for weeks of security reviews and implementation. What if we can find a way to implement security in (from the ground up) from the beginning of the software architecture phase? What if we can do this, without slowing down the agile development phase? In this session, we will explore how we can build the bridge between security and developer, to implement rapid and effective threat modeling; without slowing the project management process. This session will be very beneficial to Security Architects, Software Developers and Project Managers (as well as to anyone else who has to work on a team with these individuals). I will demonstrate the process to implement Threat Model Express into the software development life-cycle and bring all parties together, to meet in the middle at the crossroads of security and successful project planning.

200 - Intermediate
Security Soft Skills/Business
Lewis 300