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C# and AWS Lambda - Serverless Beyond The Demo!

It's easy to stand up a new serverless API in AWS Lamba; the built-in templates can have your api deployed in minutes at a price point bordering on free! I've spent the last two years building a full serverless application from the ground up. Now that you're excited to build your next project on Amazon's serverless platform, it's time to learn about all the little pieces the demos didn't tell you. While the examples focus on the Microsoft stack, the lessons shared are broadly applicable. In this session, we will learn about: - Integrating your api with other serverless offerings for expanded capabilities - Serverless advantages in a microservice ecosystem - Increasing performance when there is no server - Debugging serverless applications - Handling file up- and downloads - Managing long-running requests - Deploying to AWS Lambda using the Dotnet CLI and Visual Studio Team System - Updating configuration information without redeployment, without access to the file system - AWS Fargate, when Lamda isn't enough

300 - Advanced
Lewis 301