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Practical Security in Web Applications

Explore effective methods to identify & avoid the most common and devastating security pitfalls in Web Applications. When it comes to an enterprise's exposure to security vulnerabilities, one could easily argue that its web presence is by far its greatest threat. There are many ways to build vulnerable applications and a few effective ways to "build them right". We'll instrument you to stay on right side of this equation. Agenda: Basic Resources and Tooling ===================== * We'll look at the OWASP Top 10 * Open-Source Code Analysis for your CI/CD * Open-Source Security Scanning Low-level Threat Avoidance ==================== * Avoiding SQL Injections -- Dangers of not properly-using an ORM * Avoiding CSRF * Avoiding XSS --- Data Scrubbing --- Data Rendering Application Threat Avoidance ===================== * User Authentication / Password Hashing * OAuth Security * Resource Access -- Multi Tenancy: Users & Companies

100 - Beginner
.NET DevOps Java Security Web
Lewis 300