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Developer's Playbook

Sometimes writing code can seem like a never ending hustle to keep up with the latest language or library. Often times we find ourselves searching stack overflow or blogs looking for someone who encountered the exact same problem that we face. We may even start to feel the effects of Impostor's Syndrome when we doubt our own skills. In this talk we will focus on how to move from knowledge to understand to a state of flow. We will break down how to build a solid mental model to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Identifying when new information presents itself to re-evaluate. As you build your own Developer's Playbook, we will talk about how to focus on small details to optimize the way we write code with constant improvement. Clearly identifying what you know to be more predictable and efficient so that you can spend more time in pursuit of greatness. You may even start to see code without your eyes!

100 - Beginner
Soft Skills/Business
Lewis 312