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How Cloud Native Buildpacks can help you easily build Container Images

Application containers are used everywhere these days, in development, in CI/CD and on platforms such as kubernetes. However, to leverage the container ecosystem developers need to convert their source code to working images. This surprisingly complicated task often results, in the unnecessary toil of maintaining custom Dockerfiles. However, with open source Cloud Native Buildpacks, developers can easily build small, fast reproducible docker images without the pitfalls of Dockerfiles. This session will examine why application containers are important and how Dockerfiles and other non-buildpack solutions introduce unnecessary complexity. Instead, we will demonstrate how it is possible to leverage buildpacks to build docker images with a single command. Attendees will learn how the growing buildpack ecosystem provides support for everything from .Net to Node. Finally, for those security-minded developers, we will look at how buildpacks enable painless OS-level dependency upgrades.

300 - Advanced
Cloud DevOps
Lewis 301