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AI/ML Panel Talk With Experts From The Midwest

Come join panelists Cameron Vetter, Greg Levenhagen, Svetlana Levitan and Swaminathan Venkatesh to discuss the latest trends in AI & ML. We’ll be discussing where AI & ML will take humanity to the future, as well as topics involving Ethics, Economics and the AI & ML Technologies themselves.

Will the robots replace our jobs in the future? The topic of AI & ML is not all about doom and gloom: how can we use AI & ML to improve our lives? Are Siri, Google, and Alexa the epitome of AI?

Join us for an hour (or maybe more?) with questions and topics you want to discuss with our Panel and the Midwest Development Community.

Please tell your friends and colleagues, and we hope to see you at 4 PM on Saturday, Saturday, July 11, 2020.

Moderated By: Min Maung & Lwin Maung

Cameron Vetter

Cameron Vetter is a technologist with 20 years of experience using Microsoft tools and technologies to develop software. Cameron has experience in many roles including Development, Architecture, Infrastructure, Management, and Leadership roles. He recently received a Microsoft MVP award for his evangelism work around Deep Learning in Azure. He has worked for some of the largest companies in the world as well as small companies getting a breadth of experience helping him understand the needs of different size businesses and different Industries. Cameron is the Principal Architect at the Octavian Technology Group, where he helps clients develop Technical Strategies. He also helps clients Architect, Design, and Develop software focusing on Deep Learning / Machine Learning, Cloud Architecture, Mixed Reality, and Azure.

Greg Levenhagen

Greg Levenhagen is a Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft MVP in AI and Principal Software Engineer Consultant with Skyline Technologies. He has a great passion for giving back to the community and teaching. A true enthusiast of computer science, with passions and interests including AI, AR/VR/MR, mobile, UX, architecture, parallel, testing, agile, 3D/games, cloud, languages and much more. Greg speaks at conferences like ThatConference, CodeMash, Code PaLOUsa, TechBash, VSLive, KCDC and DevLink. He is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer, board member of ThatConference, president of the Northeast WI Developers User Group / Northeast WI Code Camp / Milwaukee Code Camp, cofounder of the Northeast WI Agile User’s Group, INETA speaker, IEEE and ACM member and a PhD student.

Svetlana Levitan

Svetlana Levitan has been a Software Engineer and Developer Advocate specializing in Machine Learning (ML). She worked at SPSS and IBM for two decades, and is very active in developing and advocating for open standards for ML model deployment PMML and ONNX. Svetlana is a co-organizer of several Chicago meetup groups and has presented at multiple meetups and conferences. Svetlana holds a PhD in Applied Math and MS in Computer Science from University of Maryland, College Park. Her next position will allow her to apply her deep ML knowledge and software engineering experience to solve real-life problems.

Swaminathan Venkatesh

Venkatesh holds three patents and has been published in more than 30 scientific journal publications, including two in Nature and another in Molecular Cell. Venkatesh earned his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the J.N. Center for Advanced Scientific Research in Bangalore, India in 2006. His technical experience includes programming languages, visualization, machine learning, and database, cloud and web platforms.

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